10th Sep 2016 : Competition Week 1

Wet Weather Notice : Sat 10th Sept 2016

After a recent review of the weather forecast for this weekend it appears that we may be in for a wet weekend. At this stage we are planning to proceed with our normal competition which starts at 2:45pm.  We will make a final decision at 1:30pm on Saturday and will post an update on this web site and via TeamApp if the competition is going to be cancelled.

Regardless of the weather we will still be taking registrations from 2:15 - 4:00pm on Saturday afternoon.


City North will be having our first official week of competition this Saturday at 2:45pm.  We are using program 3 which can be found here

From this weekend onwards we will be recording the results of registered children after they have competed.

Many of our volunteers are unfortunately away this weekend and we expect a large number of registrations.  If you are planning to register please follow the instructions here to speed up the process.  Registrations will be taken from 2:15pm.  If the que is long, please get your child to the warm up area and then come back after 3pm, registrations will be open throughout the afternoon. 

As we are a volunteer organisation we need your help.  Any assistance with setup (from 1:30pm), age marshalling (from 3pm), Packup (from 4pm) and Canteen (from 4pm) is always appreciated.  The only record that we have that you have helped is by filling out the parent register located in the canteen.  Once you have assisted us 8 times throughout the season and 3 times in the canteen you are entitled to a refund of the $80 Parent bond which is paid when you register.

We also encourage parents of registered children to use our Team App. Instructions for use on your smart phone, tablet or via a computer can be found here, we regularily update this and any notifications for bad weather etc are posted on this first.


City North Management Committee