Sat 3 Dec 2016 : Christmas Party and Events

Dear Athletes, Parents and Carers,

Tomorrow is our final Club competition before we break for the Christmas holidays, and with the end of the school year imminent and Christmas only a few weeks away, we take the opportunity tomorrow to celebrate Athletics in a light hearted manner.

We have a modified Event program tomorrow that supports and encourages the participation of Parents and Carers in the competition. We will be recording results for Athletes, and Parents may choose to keep or discard any performance tickets they receive. We will finish the Event program with our Christmas Party in front of the canteen.

Details are included in the TeamApp Event notice and the Christmas Event Program can be found under the Documents section of TeamApp.

In Summary...

Events are "Open". That means all ages and genders including Mum and Dad, Grandparents, Carers, etc. Informally, this is our annual "Parents v Kids" meet which traditionally has seen the Kids victorious and many a parent limping with strained muscles.

Track Events will be started and timed electronically. Start lists are informally organised by Age Groups, Friends or Families with up to 8 competitors per laned race.

Results will be printed and recorded for all registered athletes. Adults will receive event performance tickets which they may choose to frame or discard.

Field Events will be recorded but filling out of tickets is optional.

*Warm Up*
Warm up will start at 2:45pm. All athletes and especially parents are encouraged to join in the Warm Up. It's not uncommon that at least one Dad strains a muscle, so a reasonable warm up to mitigate against injury is suggested. :)

*Dress code*
Uniforms are not required...It's been many a year since a parent has dressed as Santa or an Elf...will this be the year?

Parents who choose to compete should wear suitable sporting attire, including running shoes and bring a drink bottle.

70m, 100m,
400m(ish) Obstacle Course
800m [Optional Last Event]
Long Jump
Red Rover
Others events as spontaneously organised.

The Christmas Program can be found here. The emphasis is having fun competing with your kids.

*Christmas Party*
At the end of our competition we'll celebrate together in front of the canteen. *We ask all families to bring a plate of food and drink to share.*

*Volunteer Assistance*
With an informal program and Food and Drink to organise, we ask any Parent who can assist in setup or event management/recording to help out. If you are able to help with field setup, please come to the track at 2:00pm and look for the people lugging equipment around.