25 Jul 17 : City North Committee Changes

Dear Parents, Carers and Athletes,

It is with considerable regret that I announce the following resignations from the City North Little Athletics Committee :

Nat Wong – Centre Manager
David Nyssen – Assistant Centre Manager
Kylie Nyssen – Committee member

I would like to thank David and Kylie for the enormous effort that they have invested over 7+ years into making City North Little Athletics not just function but excel. Whether that’s been working in the canteen, recording track performances, setting up the competition arena, registering members, organising raffles, attending stakeholder meetings, liaising with the State and the Regional Little Athletic organisations, answering questions and dealing with the many many tasks that a club needs to complete to operate, David and Kylie have willingly and continuously volunteered of their time and energy.

On a personal note, it’s been a great pleasure to have led City North and I’m firmly of the belief that the foundations have been established to deliver an even better experience of Athletics to our young athletes.

David, Kylie and I still plan to be involved with City North this season and we heartily look forward to our successors stepping up and advancing the growth and development of City North.

Scott Arnold as the Secretary of City North will soon be calling for nominations for the roles of Centre Manager, Assistant Centre Manager and Committee members at a Special General Meeting to be convened on Saturday 26th of August 2017 and 1pm.



Nat Wong
(Former) Centre Manager