27 Mar 18 : 5:30pm TROPHY NIGHT and housekeeping

Hi again everyone! Just a few final notes on our trophy night, tomorrow night. 
- Could all state medal winners please arrive by 5:15 dressed in uniform shirt and wearing your medals for a group photo shoot? We had some outstanding performances over the weekend and we hope that all medal winners will make the local newspaper!!

  • all other athletes and families to arrive by 5:30 pm and also wearing uniform shirts
  • presentations will begin after a few brief announcements at 5:30pm
  • we only have limited fixed seating under our clubhouse so please bring folding chairs or mats for kids as it could be a long time to stand!
  • feel free to bring some nibbles and your own alcohol to munch and sip on during the presentations as pizza won’t be served until after the presentations.
  • if you can’t make the trophy night ( and we understand that not everyone will be there), rest assured that your trophy will be kept safe and sound and you can collect it from the clubhouse next season
  • if you haven’t RSVP’d yet.. please do as we don’t want you to miss out on food!!! ( you can add a comment below to RSVP).
  • And most importantly it’s been a great season so let’s celebrate!!!

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