11 Nov 2017 : McDonald's Met North Regional Relays at Arana LAC


Here is some advice and information about the Regional Relays event

  1. Correct Uniform must be worn including all age patches, (Jetstar badges are not required) and your registration number. If you are wearing skins or compression garments they must be worn inside out with no visible brand names.
  2. We recommend buying a program on the day, this includes guidelines for athletes and parents and a timetable.
  3. All athletes must be ready 3/4 an hour before event scheduled times. Events can be brought forward so for later events up to an 1 hour before the event is recommended.
  4. All concerns and queries on the day must be directed to our clubs Team Managers, not officials. No parents are to enter the arena unless they are helping at an event.
  5. All athletes competing must register with the team manager when they arrive on the day, so we know you are there.
For those that have already nominated for Regional Relays we will be competing at Arana LAC for the McDonald's Regional Relays Competition this is held at Arana LAC
Please be at Arana LAC at least 45 minutes prior to your event scheduled time.
Parents are required to help during the Regional Relays, we need help for the finish line with timing and place judging during the entire day.  This is completed with 1 hour blocks per person.  We are also are running the Discus event, and may require help there also for the event.  Helping out during this Regional Relays is required as part of us being there.  We will be asking parents to help out during the day.

Location : Arana LAC,  (Arana LAC, Leslie Patrick Park Olearia St, Arana Hills) click here for a map for the location.