Help wanted for Regional relays next weekend

With little over a week away from regional relays, it’s time for our great little club to think about what makes a successful carnival…. and that’s everyone’s favourite words… “Help wanted!! We’re all busy … some of us more than others but every little bit helps ???? Our club has been asked to provide 1 place judge,1 timekeeper and 4 track officials throughout the day. The time slots are quite short so please volunteer below with your name and preferred time slot.

Time slots are; 8:30-9:15am,
If you’re feeling extra generous, why not sign up for more than one time slot!!!

Unfortunately if we don’t provide enough volunteers, the events will be delayed …. leading to a very long day!!!

I hear you say…”But I’m not sure what to do”or “I don’t think I’ll be any help”. Not true… you’ll be briefed and you may actually enjoy it!!! Plus it’s the best view of the track as only officials and volunteers are allowed inside the track .. yes it’s proper championship rules!!

We have 80 athletes signed up for the day so let’s see how many parents we can rally up to volunteer.

Thanks in advance ????‍?????? 

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