Regional relay nominations close today

Friendly reminder for all athletes wishing to compete at regional relays… later today is the cut off for nominations. At this stage we have very low numbers of our athletes signed up.

It is a great day and the first chance of the season for some good racing so please sign up! Successful regional relay teams go on to compete on the tartan track at QSAC which is an exciting treat for young athletes! If you’re unable to compete at state relay champs on December 15, please don’t let this put you off as any team that qualifies at regional relays can substitute athletes ( as long as they compete in at least one event at regionals).

The running relay events are team based, so please do not nominate if you are not sure of your attendance. The maximum number of events per athlete is 5 - 2 running relays and 3 field events. Most athletes nominate in all 5. We cannot guarantee that an athlete will be placed in 2 running relays - this will depend on numbers per age group but most athletes are able to be placed in 2 running relays. The top 3 teams in each event at Regional Relays progress to the State Relays in mid-December. The field events are made up of teams of 2 - the first 2 from each club in each event form a team.

There is no need to put together a team - just nominate. Teams will be put together based on numbers nominated in each age group and performances at Windsor Park.

The event starts at 8:30am on Saturday 10th of November at Redcliffe LAC, Langdon Park, Cnr Oxley Rd & Mabel St, Margate.

It is very important that you are there at least ½ an hour prior to your event starting.

Todays event has been cancelled but you can still nominate by coming to Windsor Park between 2:40-3:30pm today

If you are attending you must wear full club uniform with shorts, pants, club shirt number and age patch.

The timetable for the events and the respective timetables can be found here, the event nominations forms can be found by clicking here

If you want to nomiate prior to the tomorrows event or do not to intend to attend on the day, please follow the following directions :

  1. Download the nomination form here
  2. Fill in the completed nomination form, and then save it so if can be emailed
  3. Make payment to City North Little Athletics for the fees required, include your payment remittance.
  4. Upload the completed nomiation form with your payment receipt to our email. This should include your childs name Registraion No, Their Name, age group, and the events you’d like to enter. See the form.
  5. To particpate you will need to pay $3.50 per event with your athletes surname as a reference to City North Little Athletics Club

Details for our bank account are below :

BSB 124 021 Account Number 11127829