Rules and Safety

City North Centre Rules

  1. A Parent or Guardian must be in attendance at all times.
  2. Swearing and displays of bad sportsmanship will not be accepted.
  3. Handling of equipment - to prevent accidents and injury, athletes must not handle equipment except under the instruction of a club official.
  4. No athlete is allowed into the equipment shed unless authorised by an official.
  5. Athletes must check that the running track is clear and that no race is in progress before crossing.
  6. Athletes must walk behind throwing circles - shot puts and discus can cause serious injury.
  7. The javelin area is out of bounds to all athletes except those competing.
  8. QLAA policy - Smoking is not permitted in all areas of the competition arena (track & field), or spectator areas during any Little Athletics Competitions.
  9. Shoes must be worn for all events.  Shoes must be sports shoes NOT thongs or sandals.  Spikes - refer Spike Safety.
  10. It is essential that children bring a hat, sunscreen and water bottle each Saturday.  Please refer to the QLAA Sun Safe Policy displayed on the noticeboard.

Spike Safety

U6 to U10 are not allowed to wear spiked running shoes with or without blanks.

U11 & U12:

  • may wear spikes in all laned track events, all jumping events, and javelin.
  • any spike shoe without spikes attached, may be worn in unlaned events.

U13 to U15:

  • may wear spikes in all laned and unlaned track events, (excluding walks), jumping events and javelin.
  • Spikes must be carried to the start line at track events
  • Spikes must be removed at the finish line at track events
  • Spikes must be carried to field events and removed upon completion of the event.

Any athlete who arrives at the track recording table in spikes will not have their performance recorded.  Parents, please help us to enforce this safety rule.

Click here for the LAQ Policy on Spikes