Calendar and how to get results on-line

For your information this website has had it's calendar updated.

Below are some links to some useful articles to get the best out of participating at City North.

TeamApp is our prefered way to communicate providing up to date calendar, notifications, and much more.  To get involved in the community make sure to take a picture and post it on the app. These photos will be accessible to members-only on the app.

We regularly also update our Facebook page.

Once our results for a competition day are entered and uploaded online you can view them by going to the ResultsHQ web site (registered families only).

If you have any questions feel free to approach one of the coaches or volunteer committee members.

You can also use the contact page to email us with any questions. Please note this club is run by volunteers and we will get back to you when time permits.

Further information can be found by using the menu bar above, so feel free to have a look around.


City North Committee